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Official Opening of Hexham Skate Park - Thursday 13th April 2023

Official Opening of Hexham Skate Park - Thursday 13th April 2023

In glorious sunshine after a day of heavy showers, over 70 young people gathered to celebrate the opening of the new skate park on the Sele.  They were joined by many Councillors and adult supporters who had ensured the project was funded and built after over 3 years work.

Young people were involved in all stages of the planning and design of the park, supported by Antonia Azocar Nevin from the Hexham Youth Initiative.  Antonia was funded by the Rank Foundation for a year to work with young people to design, fundraise and implement the project.

Built by Gravity, the park is popular with all ages.  It would not have been possible without the vision and support of Hexham Town Council and the initial work of Councillor Stephen Ball.  thanks also go to the outgoing clerk, Jane Kevan, who worked on the funding and Councillor Trevor Cessford who helped with planning.  Funding came from the Town Council, Northumberland County Council and the Suez Communities Fund with young people also raising money through various fundraising activities.  The Mayor of Hexham, Derek Kennedy and Councillor Suzanne Fairless- Aitken completed the picture with contributions from their personal budgets.

Going forward, young people can look forward to events and activities on the park funded by the Wellesley Trust and the Police and Crime Commissioner's Operation Payback fund.  Councillor Penny Grennan took a keyt role in raising these funds and is anxious to ensure that the Sele is a safe and happy place for all young people. 

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